Your Legal Woes, Gone in 20 Minutes

We'll be the first to tell ya, we're absolutely not naturally legal-minded girls. There was one hot minute after graduation where law school crossed the mind, but other than that 10 minutes of curiosity, it was never an interest or skill. 

Which means, we've had to heavily rely on outsourcing legal advice. Which (again) means, $$$$$. Now, it's common knowledge that lawyers are pricey and for good reason, they know things that we couldn't even begin to know on our own. 

So what do you do when you need a quick answer but don't have the funds to pay for an entire hour of service? Call LegalSpark, that's what. They are your go-to shortcut for trusted legal advice and we're so here for it. 


Let us clarify, it's $50 for a 20 minute call. And for that reason, we're in. So we tested out this magical process for you and here's what we learned:


1. Simple, truly, simple

You click "Get Started Now" and boom, you're in. Select the type of advice you need, pay your $50 and wait on that call. Which happens pretty quickly BTW. We expected to sit around waiting all day, but were having our legal questions answered within 15 minutes! 

2. So many options

Here's the sitch, they have someone ready to answer questions about ANYTHING. Of course, you can use this service for criminal, family or contract concerns. But, the best part and where we found the most value was that you're just one $50 phone call away from answering all of your business questions: starting a business? Trademarking your business? Setting up employee contracts? They know it all. 

3. Tip-Top Advice

They really, really investigate each of their lawyers. They administer background checks, interviews and training. So you can fully trust that you're getting the best advice. This service is only available in Georgia right now, which is absolutely perfect for us Atlanta gals. 

Seriously, is there anything more convenient? No subscription required, which means you just call when you need to. So skip that pricey dinner tonight, order a pizza and use that $50 to step up your business' legal game. 


Visit LegalSpark for all your legal needs. And, hey members, you get 50% off your first call so make sure you check out that promo code on your members-only portal.