Naturally, while lazily chilling on the couch, we decided it was time to get some workout Inspo from our most FAV FIT gals: the Sweaty City Chicks. This duo (Sarah and Katherine/Kabes) is killing it here in the fit ATL world and we want to make sure each of one of you knows exactly who they are. So, we sent them a few *RIVETING* questions and here's what they had to say. 

After reading along, check them out at @sweatycitychicks on Instagram.

1. Give us your names + a short bio about your bada$$ selves

S: My name is Sarah and I am an Annapolis, Maryland native who moved to Atlanta after graduating from Mercer in Macon, Ga (Go Bears!).

K: Hiiii! I’m Katherine Brigman and I am obsessed with French Bulldogs and Sloths. I’m passionate about fitness and really love helping people find out what workouts and foods work for them to make them feel their best. I am normally asleep by 10pm on weekdays (really living on the edge) and have to eat chocolate before I go to sleep. Also, I’m always down to drink some wine and cook something super yummy.

2. What made you want to start Sweaty City Chicks?

"Sometimes all it takes is lacing up the sneaks and stepping out the door. Half the battle is getting there" - S

S: It started on a whim. Kabes and I were taking Stellar classes next to each other and then realized we were both the same age and had a lot in common. We wanted to start a fitness account that showcased healthy eats and sweaty workouts, but also wanted to show that it is possible to be healthy while eating Jeni's ice cream. We brainstormed for a few days trying to think of a name for us and Sweaty City Chicks stuck! We started to showcase how to recreate the foods we love in a healthy way and it sparked so many DM's asking what we eat and workouts we recommend. I've had several people from college reach out to me saying how much they love the account. 

K: Since moving back to Atlanta after college, I realized that I was starting to put health and fitness over my college ways (aka a weird mix of exercise, drinking, eating healthy sometimes and a lot of pizza) and was really longing to plug into a community that was as interested in fitness and overall wellness as I was. Sarah was the first new person I met in Atlanta that shared the same passion for fitness and health that I did (praise) so it only seemed natural for us to start the account as a way to document our fitness and health journeys. We realized that we had a lot that we wanted to share and that we also wanted to hear from other people in the community about their routines and lifestyles. After meeting Sarah I realized that I had someone to share my health journey with and it was awesome, so I felt like everyone should have access to someone that can encourage them and answer questions. Hopefully Sarah and I can do that for more people through Sweaty City Chicks.

3. Have you been fitness gals your entire lives?

S: I have always been a fitness gal. I had a lacrosse stick in my hand before I could walk. I ended up playing college golf and made an attempt at professional golf (kudos to the ladies that make it). Being an athlete runs in my family and while my Mom was the more artistic and creative one, she always started her day with a sweat. The best advice she gave me is that sometimes all it takes is lacing up the sneaks and stepping out the door. Half the battle is getting there.

K: From ages birth until around 12 I was easily the most inactive person on the planet and my idea of healthy was eating marshmallow fluff out of the jar. LUCKILY I was introduced to cross country in 6th grade which I where I realized how much I loved running. I continued running avidly up until my sophomore year of college, when I stopped exercising cold turkey due to extreme burnout. 

Running had always been a form of stress release, but it was also a way for me to burn calories and “stay fit”, so as soon as I put on the college lbs., I lost a lot of motivation. It wasn’t until I changed the way I view fitness that I started to LOVE working out again, and now I look forward to working out 95% of the time (definitely still have my days). Now I work out so I am a stronger, healthier version of myself, instead of focusing on achieving a certain body type. So I’ve been a fitness gal since my teens, but my view on why I workout has changed drastically.

4. Go-to tip for how to re-motivate yourself when you're feeling lazy:


S: Okay perfect timing for this question! I am currently in a workout slump! I love my workout routine and my trainer but I haven't been working as hard as I used to. My best advice is to grab a friend and make a goal. And not even just make a goal, but write the goal down. Currently my goal is to cut out sugar of all forms (extreme yes, but girl you will feel sooOOOooO GOOD) and add in more cardio. Since I haven't been at Flywheel very often over the past three months, I decided to make it a goal to do 10 spin classes this month. A new workout makes me excited and gets me motivated again! 

K: First, don’t beat yourself up for feeling lazy. Instead, I try to put on a positive mindset and remind myself how much better I’ll feel after I commit to a workout. Normally, all it takes is one good sweat sesh for me to get back on track. I also find that it’s best to set zero expectations when you are getting back into working out, and instead just give yourself a pat on the back for doing it. Although my idea of a good sweat sesh may be a 60 minute Flywheel class, listen to your body. If the idea of pushing yourself in a cardio workout sounds unbearable, then don’t do it! Find out what sounds fun to you so you will be more likely to continue the exercise routine. If yoga or a walk with your dog sounds fun, then do that. You’ll still get the endorphins and the instant mood booster.

5. What do you eat before + after your workouts?

S: What I eat before a workout depends on the time of day and type of workout. If I workout before work, I never eat anything because I like to sleep until the last minute (also fasted cardio is a great fat burner). Before an evening workout, my go-to snacks include RxBars or an organic apple with a handful of nuts. On the weekends I usually workout mid-morning and will make a simple chia seed pudding with almond milk and cocoa powder topped with some crunchy granola or 1/2 cup of raspberries. Post workout is either the Rise 'N Shine smoothie from Dtox (add Rootz protein powder, spinach and subtract the dates) or an egg white omelette with spinach and pico de gallo and roasted sweet potatoes. Generally it depends on the workout I do and my hunger level.

K: I don’t eat before workouts during the week since I’m normally going to a 5:30 or 7am workout class, but will eat the same thing after my workout on the weekdays that I eat before my workouts on the weekends. Overall, I’m a huge fan of topping anything I eat with Siggis plain yogurt (gotta get that protein in) and Purely Elizabeth granola to keep me full. Few of my favorite combos are below, and there is definitely a trend:

-Know Foods Chocolate Chip Waffle topped with cashew butter, banana and hemp seeds with a side of plain siggis yogurt

-Oats and chia seeds cooked with unsweetened almond milk, cashew butter, banana and vital proteins collagen peptides, topped with yogurt and Purely Elizabeth granola

-A plethora of smoothie options, but my favorite is frozen butternut squash, frozen sweet potato, frozen banana, cashew butter, hemp seeds, chia seeds, vital proteins and flaxseed all blended up and topped with Purely Elizabeth granola and coconut yogurt for the probiotics

6. What's the ultimate goal of Sweaty City Chicks?

S: The ultimate goal is to provide Atlanta with a space to find healthy eats, sweaty workouts and a space for advice. Personally, I would love for Sweaty City Chicks to propel us into the fitness world. I love helping and motivating people. I've always been a people person - could possibly talk to a brick wall. I generally love the feeling of sweating and working hard. Pushing past what you believe to be your limit is the best feeling. 

K: To (hopefully!) inspire people to realize that working out and becoming stronger is all about having fun and finding what works for you! Sarah and I love improving our strength and overall health and we hope that our energy has a positive effect on everyone who follows us. Also, we love learning from other people and have so much fun staying updated on what everyone else is up to. We have fun sharing our routine and advice on our account, but we also both hope to have more hands on coaching opportunities in the future so we can make an impact on individuals as well.


7. OKAY don't say the studio name, we know that's not allowed. But what's your favorite type of workout class? 

S: UGH okay but I have like two types of workouts I love. The megaformer is amazing to me. I have been working out on that torture device for over a year and a half and it does not get any easier. Can I name two types of workouts? Well, my second favorite is on a spin bike in a dark room with bumpin' toons.

K: Mine is definitely the megaformer. I remember walking into my first megaformer class thinking “no way could this be that hard” and boy was I wrong. I’ve been trying to conquer the workout ever since and love that I’m challenged every time I go in for a class. Also, my running times are better than ever even after taking a full year off of running and I really credit that to all of the strength and conditioning from training on the machine.

8. Please share your fav work out clothes - brand and all, we need to know!

S: It's funny because I always try to branch out and try other brands other than Lululemon, but always come back to it. I just love how versatile Lululemon active wear is. I can wear Wunder Under's to work under a big chunky sweater or I wear them weight lifting with my trainer, Takeela Reddrick. I also really love their Align pant. They're so flattering and you feel weightless in them. I'm a sucker for anything cozy that comes in grey or black - so basically I own all of their sweaters/jackets. As far as bras go, I am old school with the original Nike training bra. It holds me in place and is super comfortable for my body. If I were going to branch out I stick to Wear It To Heart (WITH) for fun fancy leggings, Koral and duh of course Spanx. 

K: I love WITH (Wear It To Heart) – they are high-waisted, which is a non-negotiable for me, and so soft! Other than that, my workout clothes involve a ton of different brands – as long as they are comfy, breathable, high-waisted and do not show my underwear, I will most likely buy them.

9. Last minute advice to girl's trying to get into working out but just gahhhhh hate it.

S: The best advice is to really just find a workout you love. If you look forward to class and want to be there, that is the most important. Kabes and I do a lot of high intensity which definitely isn't for everyone. I think there are a lot of benefits to workouts like yoga and barre. But like my Mama said, just get your foot out the door and get moving!

"It's never too late to start your own health/fitness journey and just remember not to compare yourself to anyone else because everyone has a different fitness journey and YOU DO YOU." - K

K: Find an instructor and a workout you like and commit to going to one class a week. Don’t put any pressure on yourself and just try to have fun. Once you start to get better at the class and start to see results, you’ll have the motivation to go to a few more classes a week and maybe even try a new workout too! 

My workouts are a time to step away from everything else that is going on so I can focus on improving myself and leave a class or workout feeling mentally and physically stronger than when I walked in. Also, it is never too late to start your own health/fitness journey and just remember (prepare yourself… this is cheesy) not to compare yourself to anyone else because everyone has a different fitness journey and YOU DO YOU.