Social Media Tips: Organic BUT On-Brand


Hello savvy social gals,

Us girls over here at Girl Gang are all about Instagram aesthetic. Like, truly. We always say you could pay Kylie Jenner $1M (queen of IG) to post about your business, but if you don’t have a powerful, well-branded account, then gaining followers is still going to be a struggle. But if you have an eye-catching and meaningful feed, you’re going to be SET. Now someone give us $1M to pay Kylie for an #AD….

One of the biggest struggle we, as both Girl Gang and Mo Social, see is the struggle of how to post organic imagery in a meaningful and on-brand way. Instagram is becoming more and more organic and followers enjoy seeing less curated imagery from most brands. So, what do you do when you want to post a photo of your customers that may not be entirely on-brand? Or when you want to show off a meme that is just TOO relatable that it must be posted, but you fear it’s too off brand and will cause an awkward break in the feed? Well, we have a few tips!

So let’s break down a couple of our favorite hacks:


Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 3.28.01 PM.png

Memes are taking over this world and we ALL know it. Our team follows at least 50 meme accounts in total. So why not post relatable content that you know your audience will enjoy? Well, because sometimes a giant white and black text image just looks sloppy…

Solution: Simply jump into Canva and make this simple little image. Bonus: You can use your brand colors to make it match your aesthetic even more.


A Cover Photo

I'm pretty sure I have my Botox schedule more mapped out than my life right now-6.png

Have a Before and After photo or some SUPER organic content that you want to show off but don’t know it won’t look great on the feed? Or maybe you just can’t find a nice, on-brand freeze frame for that video you just HAVE to post?

Solution: Canva, again! Create a cute little graphic and then create a carousel on Instagram where your followers can SWIPE to see the content. Simply make the graphic your cover photo that will tell your followers what they’re about to see!


Customer Reviews

Sometimes you just have customer feedback that you are dying to shout from the rooftop! And how would you normally do that? Maybe in a caption? Maybe drive your followers to your Yelp page? OR you could try this.

Solution: Head into Canva again - Canva is our BFF if you can’t tell - and create this little graphic. And again, you can rock your brand colors in this image! This is a fun way to answer customer service questions as well!


And there you have it ladies. You’ll start seeing these techniques popping up all over the gram soon - if you haven’t already! We see it on some of our favorite accounts already, and naturally, we’re implanting this tactic on all of our Mo Social clients’ accounts.

Until next time,
AGG Team