Girl Gang Guide to: Our DEALS Feature


Members and Non-Members, this is important so listen up gals! We have a feature that you may not know about just yet. And if you don’t, it’s time you meet our DEALS page.

What is the DEALS page?

As you probably know, we have two Memberships, one for business owners and one for the social gal. Our goal is always to connect our Members - whether that’s for personal or professional growth. So naturally, our business owners, aka Go-Getters, have the option to add a promo code to our DEALS page for all Members to see. This feature allows our Go-Getters to spotlight their business to over 1,200 women and gives all of our Members special discounts to these fabulous businesses. Great way to get people to try out (and maybe fall in love with) your biz!

How do I add my business to the DEALS page?

1) Log In to your account

2) Under the ABOUT tab, scroll down and find your billing information

3) Click Renew, Upgrade, or Update Billing

4) Add the DEALS! add-on option for $50 / year

5) Head over to the DEALS! tab and add your promotion

Where do I see these DEALS?

Easy! The Members Only DEALS page lives under the Members tab at the top of our site. We also include random DEALS into our Members newsletter blasts and occasionally post the participating business names on Instagram stories!

Have questions? Let us help you!