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For a year, we received email after email from local and national companies asking
if we had any members who might be interested in their open positions. During that time,
we were also receiving emails from our members hoping to learn about open positions in
their industry.

That’s when we knew it was time to launch a Job Board feature for our Members.

Read on to learn more.


What’s The 411?


What is the girl
gang job board?

Our Job Board is available to all of our active Girl Gang Members*. They’re able to access the Board through their Member’s portal.  Our goal is to match our successful, excited Members with great opportunities. We only work with brands who we believe will support our Members while encouraging personal and professional growth.

How can I get My
Position listed?

Easy! Send us an email to to fill us in on the open position. We’ll send you our posting fee information. We may ask you a few questions to ensure your company is female friendly and will support our Member’s professional growth! We can then share that information with the public - which, as you know, is great marketing!


Have a position you need to fill? Send us an email at

*Memberships are only active in Atlanta, Ga.

 Who we’ve

Worked With

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More coming soon!