Member Spotlight: Katie Mallett of Make + Do


Hey ladies! Welcome to another Member Spotlight, featuring our members — influencers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and girl bosses alike!

Next up: Katie Mallett, Founder of Make + Do. Katie founded Make + Do with the mission of giving people the space to learn something new in a way which cultivates creativity and relationships. The workshops are incredible and we know you’ll love them- we’re obsessed!

Read on to learn about how Katie got started, how she turned her passion into a business, and more!


Q: Tell us a little bit about you, girl!

A: I’m Katie Mallett, founder of Make + Do. We host creative workshops taught by local makers & doers. We offer so many fun workshops: from flower arranging + watercolor painting, to cake decorating + hand lettering, these experiences are great for a girl’s night out or come solo and meet new people! I live just outside Atlanta with my husband + our dog Tucker. My favorite month is summer + being on the lake or by the ocean is my favorite place to be!

Q: What inspired you to turn your passion into a business?

A: The idea for Make + Do came about in February of 2018. I was searching for a class or workshop I could take to learn the basics of gardening + planting flowers (because… black thumb). When I couldn’t find one, I decided to plan my own! After finding someone local to teach it (and 30 people showing up to learn), I knew I could replicate this + host workshops on lots of different topics. I’ve always loved hosting + gathering people so that combined with my love for planning is how Make + Do got started!

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: The most rewarding part of this has been seeing people make connections at my workshops. The idea that you can connect over a shared experience + that connection can go outside the walls of the workshop is so energizing and why I do what I do.

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Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

A: I’ve been given some incredible pieces of advice over the years. But lately, my favorite has been that it’s okay to grow slow. It’s easy to compare your success to others’ success and feel like you’re behind or not where you want to be. But growing slow + at a pace with which you’re comfortable is one of the keys to sustainability for me!

Q: How do you stay motivated through challenging times in your career?

A: I try to surround myself with supportive + uplifting community. Whenever I’m struggling, I have my go-to people that encourage me but also keep it super real. They remind me the struggle is only temporary and help me remember why I started.

Q: What does supporting local businesses mean to you?

A: Supporting local business has become an anthem for me since starting Make + Do. You’re supporting an actual person’s dream + their family! It’s also a great way to pour back into the community.


Q: What excites you most about your workshops?

A: I get really excited when I see someone come solo to a workshop + instantly help them feel connected + engaged.

Q: What is one piece of advice you wish someone told you when you were first starting Make + Do?

A: I wish someone would have told me that there’s literally no right or wrong way to start a business. There’s a huge learning curve and when you’re playing every single hat, it can be overwhelming at times. It’s okay to not be an expert at all the things and learn a little along the way. There are definitely days where I’m figuring it out as I go!


A little peek into Katie’s journey. As a community-based business ourselves, we are so impressed with the strong connections Katie has fostered within her workshops. We love having her in our community!

Be sure to follow along with Make + Do on Instagram and check out her website here for the latest updates on her amazing workshops!

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