The Timeline of ATL Girl Gang


We often get the question “how did Girl Gang get started”? The short version: it was a happy accident that turned into something amazing. If you want to know the long story, pop over here to learn more about the Girl Gang story.

It’s wild to think it’s been over two years of building this community. Our team took a moment to reflect on our milestones and it reminded us just how much has changed over the years. We created a written timeline which turned into a pretty timeline that we decided we’d share with you all!

Shoutout to everyone who made each of these moments possible and amazing, from our first launch party to our Members Marts to our recent merch drop! We love you all and are so thankful for this community, xX.

About Girl Gang

Have ideas for your Girl Gang? Leave a comment below. We’re always looking to improve, grow and add value to your life.


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